KIDILL’s Hiroaki Sueyasu channels punk’s spirit in the fall-winter 2024 collection

In a salute to the late Jamie Reid, the artist behind Sex Pistols’ covers and logos, Kidill’s artistic director Hiroaki Sueyasu, presented his Fall-Winter 2024 collection during the first day of Paris Fashion Week, infusing the essence of punk with a lively energy and giving it a fresh twist.

Kidill, fall-winter 2024

Sueyasu adds, “the loss of something I believed would be in experience somewhat eternally is like a void, he was a stranger, but he was also portraying me. Even though Jamie and the other remarkable figures who created early punk have left us, it is our duty to ensure that the essence of punk, that has influenced our time and our people in countless ways, stays alive. I would like to offer my condolences inimitably”, declaring that ‘they are eternal’.

Crafted by the skilled hands of Japanese artisans, the collection screams DIY vibes, seamlessly blending punk classics with a modern design language. Sueyasu,designed pieces that defy the norm, ensuring the collection isn’t just about punk’s typical destruction and denial but also about the positivity of those rebooting the punk spirit in the same era.

Vintage-washed cut-and-sewns, ripped denim, and the revival of FOSTEXGARMENTS MA-1s are the rockstars of the collection, creating a visual and tactile testament to punk’s evolution. Sueyasu’s vision goes beyond punk’s historical clique, welcoming all fashion rebels to the party. Punk, once confined to appearances, is now the life of a protest and rebellion celebration, stirring the pot of modern, independent culture. 

The Fall-Winter 2024 collection isn’t just a departure; it’s KIDILL’s rebirth. “As a matter of fact, my initial impulse and resistance remains the same. I am just simple.»